Vivienne Westwood Tries To Deliver Asbestos To David Cameron

Vivienne Westwood, the 73 year old British fashion designer and activist and her son, Joseph Corre, have reportedly tried to deliver a package of asbestos to David Cameron whilst at Downing Street campaigning on the risks surrounding fracking. Corre’s father and Sex Pistols manager, Malcom McLaren died as a result of asbestos-related lung cancer and him and his mother were protesting, claiming that fracking could well be the next asbestos.

In response to questions regarding whether she feels Mr Cameron will listen to the campaigning against fracking, Vivienne stated, “Will David Cameron listen to us? He lost a child, he must have some sympathy, and he’s not connecting the dots,” and when police intervened with the delivery of asbestos, she instead delivered “independent medical reports” which outline the deadly consequences of fracking. ┬áMr Corre then commented that these reports, “link very clearly the chemicals used in fracking industry to some really horrible, serious illnesses. Birth defects in children, horrible cancers, skin diseases, rashes, nosebleeds, stunted growth, all kinds of things. We are lucky to have this information in advance from the terrible situation that his happening right now in the United States. We have the opportunity now, and I hope David Cameron takes it, to put an end to what could be something quite disastrous for the UK. ┬áDavid Cameron has no democratic mandate to be pushing this through onto the British people, this is something the entire country is going to start waking up to. He ought to listen to his chief scientific advisor and if he refuses to listen to this and we have fracking and we have birth defects and we have people getting sick, he’s got something very serious on his hands and a legacy the British people will not ever forgive him for.”

Given the evidence, it certainly seems the case that fracking could well present dangers on a similar level to asbestos, however these dangers are known in advance. Will the PM do the right thing? Only time will tell, however with high profile campaigns such as this, we can only hope that the right decision is made.

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